Jordan Lake



Jordan Lake is located west of Raleigh, NC, a few miles west of the intersection of Route 64 and 751.

The lake is divided in half by highway 64. The bridge has a clearance of some 18-20 feet, so anything with a tall mast will either have to lower to go under, or stay confined to one end of the lake.

The north end of the lake is shallower than the south, and has several large groups of submerged trees. It also has the only marina on the lake (Crosswinds Marina).

  • Crosswinds Marina is open xxxxx to xxxxx. It has 2 launch ramps, but the docks are on the other end of the marina. Gas pumps are located on the docks near the marina office.

The south end of the lake has deeper water (some spots over 40 feet) and 3 launch ramps with docks.

  • Seaforth is the northernmost launch (nearest to the highway) on the south side of the lake. Seaforth has multiple ramps with attached docks. The launches here tend to be shallow at times, enough to prevent launching if the lake is below normal levels. Check the lake's water level with the park office to be sure. The open parking lot and well-sheltered docks make for an excellent launch and retrieval area. You can park here overnight if you notify the park rangers that you will be doing so. Park Hours: November-February 8am-6pm; March and October 8am-7pm; April and September 8am-8pm; May -August 8am-9pm

  • Vista Point is on the southeast end of the lake, and is attached to a campground. Vista Point has multiple ramps with attached docks, a beach for launching dinghies and catamarans, and a mooring buoy 1/4 mile from the docks. This ramp is the preferred ramp for area sailboaters due to its low powerboat traffic. Park Hours: November-February 8am-6pm; March and October 8am-7pm; April and September 8am-8pm; May -August 8am-9pm

  • Ebenezer is on the southwest side of the lake. It is open 24 hours. Ebenezer has 2 ramps, one with an attached dock. The ramps are tall and deep, and one can typically float their boat right off the trailer without the need to push it. The walkways to the docks, however, have fenced sides so you have to run up to the top and then back down to grab your boat (makes singlehanding difficult but if you have a friend to hold the ropes it is just fine). Tight parking lots saturated with fishing powerboaters can make maneuvering your trailer a little bit difficult here. Powerboaters violating the 'no wake' signs are also sure to make launching and retrieval difficult. It would be wise to avoid this ramp at all costs during the warm season, as the powerboats swarming this area are sure to test any sailor's patience and vocabulary. Use Vista Point instead.

  • Poplar Point campground is a good place to go if you want to stay away from the stinkpots but still have 24-hour access to the boat ramps. All you need to do is pay for a campsite. Some sites are right on the water; if you are lucky enough to get one of these, you can anchor your boat right next to your site.

GPS Coordinates:

Near the docks at Ebenezer:
N 35° 42.004'
W 79° 01.220'

Near the docks at Seaforth:
N 35° 44.190'
W 79° 02.016'

Vista Point Mooring Buoy:
N 35° 42.404'
W 79° 02.712'

Important numbers:

  • Jordan Lake Park Office: (919) 362-0586
  • Jordan Lake Wind Talker: (919) 387-5969